Coeliac UK give Millers top marks!

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service at Millers, and what better way to do so than introducing fish and chips to the thousands of those living a gluten-free lifestyle?

We’re celebrating the recent news that Millers has received the highest possible grade in a recent audit by Coeliac UK and are now able to display the trusted GF symbol on our menu. This amazing result means that we can now proudly provide safe menu options for customers with coeliac disease and wheat sensitivity.

Our gluten free options are cooked to order in a separate fryer using vegetable oil.

Our gluten free options are cooked to order in a separate fryer using vegetable oil.

Across the UK it is thought that one in 100 people have coeliac disease but only 24% have been diagnosed. Coeliac UK estimate that there are nearly half a million people, in Britain living with the disease undiagnosed.

We regularly listen to feedback from our customers and recently made the decision to introduce a separate frying area to cater for those living with a gluten intolerance.

Eating out is a huge safety concern for those with coeliac disease and this was highlighted more so after a customer told us her daughter had never been able to eat fish and chips because she couldn’t eat gluten. No one should be denied the right of top-quality fish and chips and we’re now happy to say she’s hooked on our gluten-free fish and chips!

We are proud to have adopted safe food preparation and processes exclusively for those with a gluten intolerance and have trained our amazing team of Millads and Millettes to confidently provide an informative, reliable and safe service to gluten-free customers.

We hope that education in the hospitality industry regarding special dietary needs will become the norm so more people are able to try new foods and enjoy family favourites worry-free.