The Future Of Our Oceans

If everyone has a spare five minutes today, please take the time to read this really important piece of news.

As a fourth generation, family-run fish and a chip shop, I can’t stress enough the importance of protecting the future of our oceans. We must all do more to make sure plastic doesn’t make it to the sea in the first place. Manufacturers need to take responsibility for their products and as consumers, we all need to work together to reduce our use of plastics.

We must praise the hard work of TV series Blue Planet II in drawing attention to the tragic impact of humans on the world’s seas. Just so this hits home, here are some facts we’d like to share courtesy of The Telegraph.

·      For every 100m of British beach, there are over 200 plastic or polystyrene items
·      There are 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste on Earth
·      Plastic bottles take 450 years to biodegrade
·      Plastic will outweigh fish by 2050
·      Around 480 billion plastic bottles were sold globally in 2016 – that’s a million bottles per minute.

We can all help reduce the impact of plastic by making small changes. One of these is by saying ‘no’ to plastic bags and choosing paper bags or bags for life instead. As part of our ongoing mission to raise awareness around sustainability, we’ll be launching our own bags for life and would encourage customers to buy these and reuse them for every visit to Miller’s - We promise to make them look cool enough so you can use them during your weekly shop too!

These bags will be available in the New Year and 100% of sales will be donated to Fisherman’s Mission to help support retired fishermen and their families. We’ll have more information on when they’ll be available shortly.

Let’s work together to help reduce the impact of plastic on our oceans.